Kids, Counts, NaNoWriMo, Starbucks and the Mall.

The only bright side in this story is our new Starbucks at the mall. They are AWESOME!


I am a bit of a Starbucks fiend so I have visited every single Starbucks in and around the Knoxville area at least once, most of them multiple times.

I’ve tried and tested out every single one in a Target or a Kroger, the freestanding ones and even the one in West Town Mall before today and I can tell you that Starbucks is a company that I LOVE!

I don’t support all of the things they do as a company but that doesn’t stop them from being my favorite place to get coffee!

My kids even love em!

No, those little cups do NOT have coffee in them.

My kids get the kid size (kid temperature too) hot cocoa. They LOVE it, even in the middle of summer.

However, sadly, Starbucks was really the only redeeming part of our trip to the mall today. We went for our NaNoWriMo local region’s special all-day writing event.

Boy was that a bad idea…

We went, we ate, we didn’t get much writing done and all we have to show for it is sore feet, a few hundred words, a couple of blog posts and a FANTASTIC Starbucks experience.

Oh well. I am not going to let it stop me. I am going to keep writing! I am doing better than I ever could have imagined and I am not letting a few speed bumps stop me!



© Rachel L. Miller 2013

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