One Week Left in NaNoWriMo


Who can believe how fast this month has gone?

I can’t say I’ve kept up with my word count every day but I do think I’ve done an amazing job, especially when I consider that I truly thought I would be doing good to reach 10,000 words.

I never imagined that I would hit 30,000 words and still have story left in me but here we are with a week to go and I am passing 35,000 words and I think I still have enough story to go.

I may actually hit 50,000 words.

Whether or not I will get them on time is still the question. But I may actually have a 50,000 word story in me. Astonishing. Surprising. Gratifying.


And it has been quite a ride. I won’t say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but I am enjoying it much more than I ever could have anticipated. And I do believe, whether I hit 50K in time or not, that I will be finishing well!

And I applaud each and every one of you who have stuck it out this far, whether you are at 38,000 or 50,000 already or still struggling to get past 20,000. Great job! You are fantastic just for trying! Keep it up!

And may God Bless you as well!


© Rachel L. Miller 2013

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