I can’t believe it! I did it… I won!

30 days ago I was convinced to join in a crazy venture; NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).


30 days later, 50,000 words along and I am still genuinely surprised that I was able to do it. I’m not sure it’s  truly worth reading at the moment but I’m going to fix that.

I still have words to write. I still have more story to tell. So I guess the first order of business would be to finish the book.

Then I will take a break, like everyone says to, and enjoy my Christmas season. Then I will go back to it and edit.

Who knows… you might even see my little story in your favorite bookstore next year.

Some things I can tell you about this journey:

I never expected to finish, even though my mom and my friends thought I could. So finishing a full day early is a tremendous surprise, a pleasant one!

The journey has been a great one. I have had so much fun staying up late, writing beside mom, laughing over silly things, helping each other out with names and ages and things to write about (we both needed another scene to write about several times), drinking too much coffee and kids staying up way past their bedtimes, asking us every five minutes –

“How many words now?”

The journey has been a rewarding one. I have made new friends, cyber and in-real-life. I have learned things about myself. I have to “think Amish” to write the story properly – which makes it all the more amazing that I finished on time. I found within me a world, an entire community, filled with wonderful characters and beautiful landscapes and warm emotions, a place I plan to visit again someday soon because I have more to say about these characters. Their story is not finished yet.

And if no one ever publishes a word, if no one ever reads a word (except mom of course) and if one else enjoys the story but me… it’s still worth it. Every step, every word, every late night is worth it because I have accomplished something amazing, something I never thought I could, something that a lot of people wish they could do but never try.

I wrote a book.

And I am exceedingly grateful, to my mom, to my friends, to my kids for the ideas and the inspiration and the encouragement!

I’m also rather excited at the prospect of reading mom’s book. She participated AND WON this year too. Her book, “Ella’s Christmas Quilt” sounds amazing and the glimpses I’ve gotten here and there over the last month are very exciting and I hope she let’s me read it when she’s done with it!

In fact, the one truly bad part of this journey was yesterday when she looked over at me and asked “How many words do you have?” and I had to tell her (with a sheepish look on my face) that I had just validated my word count and I had won… before her.

And do you know what she said? She said “AWESOME!” She was not upset or angry or even defeated. In fact, she was inspired! She kicked her writing into a higher gear (I secretly think she might have been holding back a bit to encourage me because her daily word counts were almost always higher than mine) and she finished last night too!

Less than two hours after I won, she did too!




© Rachel L. Miller 2013

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