A Writer’s Conference – I finally found one!

I have been haunting the internet for some time now…20140407-225737.jpg

trying to find a Writer’s conference that I could afford to attend.

And finally… I found one!

I attended the Monte Sano Writer’s Conference last Saturday.

And it was FANTASTIC!

The key speakers for the conference included authors Homer Hickam, Milam McGraw Propst and Harper Collins senior editor Ami McConnell.

Each and every person who spoke at the conference (even the pastor) was inspiring and informative. The panel was helpful and entertaining. The lunch was delicious and the afternoon sessions were wonderful!

And even though I didn’t hand out a single synopsis, proposal or chapter, I feel like I made some very important contacts.

Milam McGraw Propst was especially entertaining and I still can’t understand why she thinks she’s not so great at speaking in front of a group – she did such a wonderful job!

Homer Hickam is nothing like I expected – in a really good way! And his wife is a gem! It’s so refreshing to meet good people who have not let fame go to their heads! They attend a very nice church but not one that’s obviously swimming in dough. And they clearly give a LOT of their time to the church.

That really says something to me.

It was a truly wonderful conference and I await next year’s (only slightly) impatiently. I have a lot of work to do between now and then – not the least of which is lighting a fire under Mom. She has more work to do on her own novel and I’m going to get her going on it so she is ready to go to the conference with me next year!

God Bless You! And Good Night!


© Rachel L. Miller 2014

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