Packing, Moving, Unpacking and… Finally getting back to it.

April 11th –

I posted a special sneak peek at the Prologue of “A Mother For Leah”


And on May 6th –

I announced that I was approaching the finish line – on my final edit before querying.


However, between April 11th and May 6th, we found out that we were moving. And initially I did pretty well keeping to my schedule. I wrote each evening before bed. I got to the point where I was ready for the final edit. I was doing very well.


If you’ve ever moved then you know, as it gets closer to the deadline, it gets more and more difficult to find time for anything other than packing and cleaning.

And so I put the laptop away. I packed and cleaned and then we moved. And for over a week, I did nothing but unpack and put away – because locating things like socks and plates and shampoo was my first priority… as it really should be when you move.


The boxes are not all unpacked but most of them are. And I am determined to get back to my poor neglected manuscript.

So back to the laptop I have come.

The finish line is not as near as it looked a month ago but it is still in sight. And I am running for it!

Pray for me…




© Rachel L. Miller 2014

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