Ahhh birthdays….

This morning my mother wrote a slightly(just kidding mom… lol) humorous post about my upcoming birthday.

No I don’t celebrate like a lot of people my age. But… I’ve never really been like other people “my age”. I have always been somewhat unique so why should, how I celebrate my birthdays, be any different.


Funny story:
In my reply to Mom’s post I mentioned flying debris.

For my 33rd birthday, we took a trip to the mountains and while driving along, two cars ahead of us collided. Mom, being the amazing driver that she is, avoided them both and managed to pull off the road without anyone being hurt – albeit a little shaken up but otherwise, we were all good.

But… during the spinning and crunching of the two other cars, we were hit with flying debris. The only damage it caused (PRAISE GOD) was a broken headlight. It was bright and clear day so we continued on and had a great time!

Fast forward to having the headlight assembly replaced – we had to have it ordered and when it came in, we went to have it put on. You won’t believe what was in there with the parts of our car!

Our favorite car dealer (who is also a good, honest Christian man) was the one who ordered and installed it for us. And when he pulled the old one off, he also pulled out a large, thick, heavy metal piece that I can only imagine must have come from the destroyed axle of one of the vehicles directly involved with the accident.


God was REALLY watching out for us that day! The speed and momentum that piece had – if it had gone anywhere other than the headlight – would have meant disastrous results and quite possibly death for any or all of us.

So that was a fantastic birthday!


However… if we could avoid that on the trip we are planning this year, that would be great.

And you should check out Mom’s post too: LINK



© Rachel L. Miller 2014

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