Yes I did… I joined CAMP NaNoWriMo!

Participant 2014 - Facebook Cover

I have struggled on and off for months now – working laboriously over my manuscript (MS) – “A Mother For Leah”, putting it away when inspiration flees, going back to it and editing mercilessly only to find myself putting it away again.

And I finally said… ENOUGH!

I do believe that this is a look at how I will handle a deadline.

Meaning: if there is no deadline in sight, I will procrastinate and fiddle around and generally not get much work done. But if there is a deadline, I will feel properly motivated to get going and work work work!

Clearly I needed the motivation…

Yesterday I added 517 words to my MS and edit 8 pages! I haven’t done that in weeks!

So here’s hoping I can have the same success every night in the remaining two weeks of Camp NaNoWriMo! If I do, I may just go OVER my goal of 70,000 words!

Secretly I really wanted 75,000 – I was just afraid to make that my goal because it seems like I delete 100 words for every 200 I add…

If anyone is interested in watching my progress there, click on this LINK. Otherwise, keep watching here because I plan to chronicle my journey for you!

On to that goal of 70,000 words!


Maybe I’ll even get to 75,000…



~ Rachel



©Rachel L Miller 2014

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