The Psychology of the Review

WOW! I hope I can be this insightful when that time comes for me – someday…

BRAVO Sarah! Well Said! And THANK YOU for saying what so many of us might be more than a little hesitant to put out there.


Oh and I LOVE the book! There may be mistakes but the AWESOMENESS of the story kept me from noticing them!
Can not wait to read the next one!

Sarah Loudin Thomas

the bookPhew. Launching a book is work, but unlike digging ditches, it’s hard to see exactly what you’ve accomplished.

And so, you look at reviews. There are reviews on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on Goodreads, on There are reviews on blogs and as Facebook comments. Oh, there IS feedback.

And there’s finally enough feedback for me to feel confident it’s more than my immediate circle of friends and family posting. Strangers have read my book and are happy to share their opinion.

Now, I’m a pretty confident sort. Sometimes, people who know me might even suggest I’m a little TOO confident. But there’s something funny about reviews. The statistics are happy–lots of good reviews and only a handful that are bad or less than enthusiastic. So I ought to be feeling great, right?

Except. When I read the good reviews I feel good. I think to myself how nice…

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