That dangerous pedestal. (Yes that’s spelled right… I checked…I know though – it looks wrong)

Recently I have witnessed two different men, whom I held in high esteem for many years, knocked off their pedestals… so to speak.

Aside from being quite upsetting, it was very eye-opening as well. There are several morals to these experiences but I am only going to focus on two of them.

Let’s see if you can figure them out before I tell you…


Experience # 1: (Due to the sensitive nature of this event and to protect an innocent man from further abuse, I will NOT be using any names.) 

In the first instance I speak of, I watched a great, devout man of God fall from his pedestal – or it might even be more accurate to say that he was pushed.

And isn’t it interesting that all it really takes in these instances is the whisper of impropriety to get people guessing and after that, all it takes is one (weak or not) accusation to make everyone 100% sure they’re guilty… unless you tend to be good at reading people and KNOW the person well enough to KNOW they’re not guilty!

It took years and it took lots of whispers but it really only took one well-placed, well-timed accusation to put an end to this man’s career and ministry. And though he is still living, I would imagine having your purpose snatched from you, the only thing you’ve done for more than half your life, feels a bit like dying – only he’s stuck here in this world while going through it.

No Heaven for him yet… just the half-life that is left here on Earth.

JUST FOR THE RECORD: I believe this man is innocent of what he was accused of! I know he’s just a man and men make mistakes but I do not believe that was one of them!

Nevertheless, he has been knocked from his (figurative) pedestal and there will be no getting back up on it – no matter how anyone tries.


MORAL 1: When you are in the public eye, you must be careful of every word spoken and every action done. You even have to be careful of your thoughts because they quickly become words and those words become your philosophy and that philosophy defines your character.



Experience #2: (and this one was very personal for me – in this case I feel it is important to actually keep their name confidential in order to protect myself from potential backlash)

For years I was a fan. This was someone to look up to, someone who had been through the type of beginnings I had and come out the other side successful and prosperous! A hero! A role-model! Someone to inspire me!

I can do what he did! Or can I?

No. In fact, I can not and will not. I won’t! I won’t! No matter what the world wants from me – GOD is leading my words… NOT the world!

This was a tough one for me. And this one was even more difficult because the pedestal he fell from in this instance was very personal to me. The world at large still has him up there and they show no sign of demanding he step down – in fact it may be that his behavior pushes him even higher in their eyes…

In the interest of anonymity, I will only say this – the writer I am referring to has a façade and then they have the truth. And in discovering the truth, my illusions have been destroyed because the  façade is their outward appearance – a claim that they follow and believe the teachings of CHRIST!

The truth is that they are one of millions, absolute millions, that have decided for themselves that God is not quite as all-powerful as the Bible paints Him to be so they pick and chose what they want to believe and their lives (and writing in this instance) reflect that.

MORAL 2: Writers have to be very careful about what they write – especially where that writing disagrees with their beliefs. Writers are held up as heroes so many times and what we write has an effect on our readers.

If we are peddling nonsense, it WILL cause problems with someone, somewhere, at some point. And eventually, enough people are going to see through to the truth and knock you off that pedestal.

Or else… one day… you will see the error of your ways but it will be too late to do anything about it because the generation who grew up reading your work has now passed that on to their children with the admonition that YOU KNEW what you were talking about!



OK. I’m done. Rant over. Please don’t be too angry at me. I had a very rough day yesterday and in the wee hours of the morning amid sleeplessness, these thoughts were going over and over in my head and I just had to get some of it out so I could get some writing done.


Have a GREAT weekend and Good Day!


©Rachel L Miller 2014

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