Shouldn’t weekends be more productive?

You would think that having all day to write and edit and work and play and have fun – we would get more done than we do in a typical weekday… right?


Monday I wrote roughly 3,100 words.

Tuesday I wrote roughly 1,300 words.

Wednesday I wrote roughly 5,000 words – in two different stories.

Thursday I wrote roughly 4,000 words – again, in two different stories.

Friday I wrote 1,800 words in one story and 300 in the other.

Saturday I wrote about 300 words in each story.

Today I wrote roughly 4,400 words in one story and about 10 in the other.


Monday was the first day of my new writing schedule and I was absolutely thrilled with my progress!

Tuesday was actually a bit low but still more than I had been getting in an average day of writing.

Wednesday and Thursday blew me away. I could not believe I got that much writing done.

And then Friday. The total would have been great, except for the fact that it pretty much took me ALL day to get that much.


And then yesterday…


Now, before I decide to be too hard on myself, I do have to mention that we spent a great deal of the morning and part of the afternoon – not at home. And once we got home, there were other things to do and procrastination often takes charge when you’re up against a deadline – self imposed or not.


But I’m wondering why it is that, yet again, it has taken me ALL day to get the word count I achieved.

Now granted, I had to hope up and down about a thousand times to fetch things, fix food, refill drinks, mediate squabbles, clean messes and go for a walk outside while my dare-devil son roller-bladed but still – ALL DAY.

And here it is 10:00 at night and I am just now getting to my self-imposed goal. I reached 10,000 words on story 1 Thursday and I wanted to have 10,000 words in the other today. And I do… just a bit over to tell the truth.

But isn’t it interesting how our word counts go up and down. I used to wonder why writers would complain about struggling to get their daily word counts… until I  joined their ranks!


So it’s time to stop complaining and time to get down to business.


Let’s just see how many words I can get written next week.


God Bless and Good Night!

©Rachel L Miller

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