knee-deep in a mess!

I am joining Donna in prayer.

It’s never easy in situations where accusations are made or fingers are pointed. It doesn’t matter if you are on one side or the other; if you are on the outside looking in or right in the middle – it’s difficult to know what to believe, who to believe, and how to handle all of it.

So I will simply pray!




Last night I read a post about someone who had not acted in an honorable way…

This morning I read a rebuttal of this post.

God commands us to love one another — everyone — and there’s no possible way I can know for sure what the situation is, or why it was made public.

Can I just say, in the nicest possible way, that I don’t want to take sides…

I want to be a friend to others — and keep the friends I have — and be neutral on this situation. It makes perfect sense to me to be neutral, since I would rather believe that, although everyone makes mistakes, that both of these parties are wonderful people, and this is just a misunderstanding.

So, if you’ve recently heard of anyone placing blame or hurt on another, join me in praying for both parties involved. We all need…

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