Writing on a deadline…


I am officially writing on a deadline. It doesn’t matter that it is a self-imposed deadline. I am taking it as seriously as if it were headed to the publisher.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

~ I have yet to get into a schedule of writing. I had begun before the ACFW conference but that was just getting things ready for that specific conference. This is much more than that.

~ I figure it is smart to have the practice. In the past, I have had the bad habit of rewriting and rewriting and rewriting again. I am determined to break that habit. I will edit, have my editor look over it, fix what she tells me to and then put it aside.

It works out well that I am committed to participate in NaNoWriMo. Starting on November 1st, I won’t have time to argue with this WIP because I’ll be starting a whole new one.

And I intend to be done with it before then.


Thus far, I am not on schedule but I am getting caught up. I’m more than half done and gaining ground as I go so I should still finish on time.

The only problem I am running in to is that I took several chapters out – which shortened the book considerably but… the more I edit, the longer the book gets again.

So… I gain ground, but I’m adding more ground as I go too so it’s almost counter-intuitive.

Oh well. I’m getting there.

And speaking of getting there – I better get back to it!



© Rachel L Miller 2014

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