WOW! And I really mean WOW! But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

Starbucks… and skulls

Starbucks… and unhappy faces

Starbucks… and a certain book whose name I actually refuse to type because it is just too disturbing.


REALLY shouldn’t be surprised…

Especially when I consider their recent Biblical attacks.

And… you’re wondering what I’m talking about.

Well, recently Starbucks announced a fun new contest. (And this post will probably do me out of any chance I have of winning and that’s OK with me because my morals are more important than any contest.)

I went to Starbucks, purchased not one but 3 drinks in red cups and a brownie for my daughter.

First of all, the barista argued with me about the Limited Edition Metal cards they have released in the past. I don’t know if Starbucks decided they didn’t want another mess-up like last year’s Limited Edition Rose Gold card release or if they just didn’t want to share the profits with anyone this time around or what…

They announced last week that they would be releasing another Limited Edition Metal card – this time it’s Sterling Silver and it looks like a keychain card to me.

However, there are several things about this new card that bother me.

The original Metal card released two years ago and the Rose Gold card that released last year cost $450

  • They BOTH came pre-loaded with $400 you could spend at Starbucks.
  • They BOTH came pre-loaded with automatic GOLD status
  • They BOTH came with special packaging and Limited Edition numbering and certification

The Silver card that is being released in 8 days…

  • Costs $200
  • Is only pre-loaded with $50 you can spend at Starbucks
  • There is NO mention anywhere of automatic Gold Status

Which is why I entered the contest. And I would LOVE to win one because I have wanted a metal Starbucks card since the first one was released.

Both times, we have tried to get online and buy them, but the moment GILT says they are available, we refresh and try to add one to our cart – but they’re already gone.

SO I will enter the contest but I will NOT be spending $200 on one.


What does all of this have to do with what I said above about not being surprised?

It has to do with the fact that I have perused the Instagram app and watched as more and more disturbing images go by.

It has long bothered me that so many people think that there is nothing wrong with putting the nastiest, most disgusting and disturbing images out there for anyone to see – no matter how young, old or sensitive.

It has long bothered me that book companies encourage young people  to read horrific stories about the absolute worst subjects known to mankind. And I don’t just mean teenagers – I’m talking about 10 year olds, 12 year olds – it’s truly mind-boggling!

It has long bothered me that certain people who get upset and angry over their “rights” are not content to get what they want. They’re not happy with being allowed to behave the way they want – they want to take away everyone else’s right to do as they want as well! They want the way they do things to be the only “right” way, the only legal way. Does ANYONE else see the ridiculousness of that?


For a very long time, I have continued to buy coffee at Starbucks because I enjoy it. And recently, with all the new developments, I continued to give them my business because I try to leave judgement to GOD and so I leave them all in his hands.

But at this point, I may have to stop having absolutely anything to do with Starbucks because there is simply too much in the store, on the ads, on their website and affiliated with their contests that make me cringe… or worse… make me absolutely sick to my stomach.

WHY would I ever spend money to willingly look at something so disturbing?

Well, that is the real question isn’t it…


© Rachel L. Miller 2014

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