Week two of NaNo and Writer’s Block…

I’ve written about how my “other” self found a way to defeat writer’s block HERE. That post was actually supposed to be here but it went in a totally unexpected direction than I intended so I posted it on the appropriate blog and then came back to my other idea. Let’s see if it pans out on the second try…

The reason I am blocked today has nothing to do with the writing and it has everything to with me.

You know the joke about a creative person’s mind…


Yeah that’s really true.

And when we open a dozen more because we are dealing with something totally unexpected (I mean I was sort of expecting it but nowhere near this soon and can you ever REALLY prepare yourself for the death of a family member anyway…), some of those other tabs are going to start to suffer.

Which ball do I drop?

Not the kiddos… they’re my #1 priority ALL THE TIME!

Not the cooking (well the cooking already kinda suffers so it can’t really get picked on anymore than it already is – same with cleaning)

The social media is my vent, my outlet, my area where I can beg for prayer and have emotional support from friends and try to take my mind off all the other stuff.


So you guessed it… writing takes the hit.

And during NaNoWriMo too. YUP! Because tragedy is no respecter of time or place or circumstance.

And I am really really glad that I was ahead because I managed to eke out enough to keep up but that’s it.

So there it is. Mission accomplished. The post actually went where I wanted it to.

And I’m done now.


So how do you deal with writer’s Block?


© Rachel L. Miller 2014


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