Christmas for writers… (With a Cute Little Surprise For You!)

You would think that taking the Christmas season off from writing would make for being less busy… you would be wrong. If anything, it’s even more busy.

When you have writing to do, you make time to just sit…and work. But when you don’t have to find that time, there are suddenly a thousand more things that will crowd into your schedule and make you feel as if several days of to-do lists are attacking you at once.

The good news -I have found so many terrific Christmas gift ideas for writers (not that I’m getting any of them – but it’s fun to wish).

And in that vein, I’m writing a little cutesie “12 Days of Christmas” for Writers.


On the Twelfth day of Christmas, their family gave the writer – 

Twelve Days of “Vacation”

Eleven Pounds of Coffee

Ten Candy Bars

Nine New Notebooks

Eight Book Signings

Seven Starbucks Gift Cards

Six Packs of Paper

… Five sharpened pencils! …

Four clean erasers

Three Research Books

Two Memberships (to writer’s organizations)

And One Manuscript Critique!



Have a Very Merry Christmas! (writer or not)



© Rachel L. Miller 2014

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