The price of freedom…


If you’ve been paying attention to your News feed on Facebook or twitter lately, you’ve probably seen at least one post or pic about supporting our troops… but have you posted one yourself, liked one or shared one that one of your many patriotic friends shared or posted on their own?

Have you thought about how difficult it will be for so many of them this Christmas – many of them are a world away from their loved ones!



Have you shared the CHRISTmas story with your children, your family, your neighbors?

We watch a lot of Christmas movies this time of year and they’re not even all religious themed but even Charlie Brown Christmas talks about the “TRUE” meaning of Christmas!

Have you given of your money or your time to those less fortunate that you?

Even on a very tight budget, we make a point to give the kids change (whenever we have it) to drop into those little red buckets that seem to be outside of every store you walk into.

Have you made a list of all the things you are thankful for – as a family, as an individual…

As we get closer to Christmas, I am reminded of the myriad of things that I am grateful for!

  • I am grateful that I live in a free country – even if those freedoms are slowly being stripped away, we still have more than most!
  • I am grateful to live in a country where I am still allowed to worship CHRIST! That may not always be the case but it is now and I am thankful!
  • I am grateful that God saw fit to send his son to us as a wee babe and I am grateful that Jesus gave his own life for us on that wretched cross – HE paid the ultimate price so that we each would not have to!
  • I am grateful that Christian/Inspirational fiction is as popular as it is (and growing in popularity of late) – because it means there are plenty of GOOD books on the shelves for me and, more importantly, for my daughter to read!
  • I am grateful for the American soldier – Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, the Coast Guard and ALERT! They fight every day at home and abroad so that we can sleep easy – knowing that they have our back!
  • And I am grateful to have such a wonderful family! My mother is the best thing that ever could have happened to me! She is a blessing I truly do not deserve! And my children are my life! They are my everything and I only hope one day that I can be half as wonderful a mother as my own!
  • I am grateful to serve a loving, forgiving, merciful GOD – who loves me enough to forgive me every time I mess up… which is usually a lot, and who only wants the best for me – even when I don’t listen to his words.


What are you grateful for this Christmas season?

What do you celebrate with your family?

Do you close your eyes and thank God for the avalanche of blessings that he heaps on you each and every day?


GOD BLESS YOU this Christmas season and in the year to come!


© Rachel L. Miller 2014

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