Lost in translation: Natural living, Going Green & … Xmas


Around this time of year we tend to hear a lot of arguing alongside the ringing of so many bells and it’s not hard to figure out why…

We have become lost – not necesarily lost as in we need to be saved – but lost in that we have lost sight of what is important, the big picture, the goal of our very lives.

We stress about “going green”.

But why?

Do we worry… honestly… that God – the God who “… made the stars also.” is unable to keep our planet from being destroyed? Do we truly believe that we have the power to destroy anything that God created – and has a very specific plan for?

Do we do it because we want to be good stewards?

The Bible charges us to be good stewards of what God has given us – so it follows that some of us might actually be recycling and trying to “save the planet” just because we are trying to be good stewards of this planet God has allowed us to live on temporarily.

But I think that most of us who feel a desperate need to “go green” (yes, even Christians) do so because they are following the crowd. They are doing what their parents did or what their friends are doing or what society has hammered away at them – telling them that it is their duty to the planet!


Before you get mad, please keep reading. I am not knocking the concept. It is a good thing to be a  good steward. And we should certainly teach our children to do everything they can to take proper care of the things God has entrusted to our care while on this Earth… but we do tend to take it a bit too far – not all of us, but certainly too many of us. We are lost… caught up in the tidal wave, swept along in the wake of environmentalism.

In the grand scheme of life, in the history of this tiny planet, this little 6,000 year old planet – we really won’t make much of a dent either way.


The same could be said of “living naturally”.

I read articles and cartoons and rants every day about the devastating effects of irradiation, pest controls and hormone therapy on the food we eat.

You can’t even buy regular honey at the store anymore without running the risk of getting honey made by bees that have been fed high fructose corn syrup. Now it’s not technically in the honey so they don’t have to tell you about it – but it is in the bee’s food so any mother who ever nursed her baby after having coffee or spicy food can tell you – it is in the honey!

But again – in our tiny blip of a life on this planet that is rapidly spinning through our vast Universe – does it really make such a tremendous impact? Is it truly more important than so many other things that can make for a better day-to-day life with our families?


And now… the thing that started this article in my mind – the great debate! CHRISTmas vs Xmas…

The person who wrote that article made the point that X in the original Greek actually symbolizes Christ. So technically speaking, when someone says “Xmas” – they’re really saying CHRISTmas… right?

Does it matter and… is that really the point?

Does it matter? Well let’s see…

If even one person thinks that you are saying Xmas to erase CHRIST from Christmas – then YES! It matters very much! You are presenting that person with the perspective that you don’t care to keep CHRIST in Christmas! In their mind, you are taking Christ out of Christmas!

No, we can’t really control other people’s perspective but we can do small things to help with the amount of confusion we may or may not cause in our own day to day journey.

And really, if you knew saying Xmas was going to keep even one person from being saved or having a blessed Christmas, would you ever allow the words to slip between your lips?

So is it really that point? Yes, I think it is very much the point.

Too many of us have lost sight of what the point is in this life!

We are not here to have as much fun as we can, collect the most stuff and make the most money!

We are here to be a light – a bright shining beacon for God! We are here to live out our lives – to the best of our ability – like Jesus’ life!

We are here to help show the other lost people – the ones who do need to be saved – the path, the way, the answer!

How can we do that if we look no different from the world we are trying so desperately to rise above?

How can we do that if we are lost ourselves?


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