Every Life is Beautiful!


The other night I did what Mercys do… A LOT.

I bawled, and bawled, and bawled until you would have thought I had no tears left. But here I sit, and just the memory of the movie has tears in my eyes… again.



My mother tells me that I watched this movie when it first came out. And I’m sure I did but at that point in time, I was struggling to finish my manuscript so I honestly don’t remember ever watching it.

However… this time, I sat down with the family and we ALL watched the movie. And my spiritual gift of Mercy turned the water works on pretty early in the viewing.


Just WOW!




If you have not watched this movie, you really should.

And you should be aware – if you have ever considered abortion, gone through with an abortion, been the victim of a failed abortion or even just known someone who has attempted or had an abortion – this will hit so very close to home for you!

But it is a movie WORTH watching!



This movie gives us a look at abortion through the eyes of someone we would NEVER expect. The message is powerful and life-changing.

I know it has changed me.

I was PRO-LIFE before I watched the movie but after watching this movie, there is a new level to the determination to spread the word about how important it is for every woman to be AWARE of what they are contemplating in that situation!



It’s not my place to tell another woman what to do with her body – but what is so often missed is this:

If a woman is pregnant… even a few days pregnant… IT IS NOT ONLY HER BODY that she is doing something with!

When that test turns pink or the little plus appears, YOU are already responsible for another LIFE!

That BABY is a PERSON! And that precious, sweet, innocent BABY has no say what is happening to THEIR body!



And more than a few BABIES who are aborted EVERY DAY are GIRLS! They don’t EVER get the chance to DECIDE what happens to THEIR BODY!

Once the woman involved understands that she is talking about a HUMAN BEING and NOT tissue – whatever she decides to do is totally UP TO HER! It is between HER and GOD!

And THAT is the message we need to get across!



Blowing up abortion clinics doesn’t help because then everyone is dead.

Killing the doctors who perform abortions is no good either because there will always be someone else to step in.

EDUCATION and PRAYER are the only things that are EVER going to do any good!



So PRAY with me! And do ALL that you can to SPREAD THE TRUTH!

God Bless You!

© Rachel L. Miller 2015


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