Goodreads… good grief!

Because it’s not enough that we have to look at the book – front and center in almost every book store we walk into…

Because it’s not enough that they actually have the audacity to classify this nonsense as romance…

Because it’s not enough that we can’t open Facebook or twitter or just a browser window without being bombarded by advertisements for this trash…

Now we have to look at it when we search for a book that has absolutely, positively NOTHING in common with such nastiness!

I’m with you DJ Mynatt!

Donna's BookShelf

I usually save my griping for the afternoon traffic…

…but I am especially perturbed by something I keep running into on Goodreads.

Here is my latest search… I’m featuring the wonderful Mary Ellis on my blog this month. Out of courtesy, I also post my review of her books on Goodreads and Amazon.

Doing a search for Mary Ellis, here is what comes up…

Beginning today, I will only search for the title I need…

Normally, if other book titles come up, I merely overlook them. But when one specific title keeps popping up — in several different searches — I begin wondering why I have to continue to ignore a book that full of the most heinous, disgusting, pack of lies found in one book!

This is a book I will NEVER, EVER read. or review.

Believe me, they don’t want my review. I have heard enough from others…

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