Awesome August Reads!



I am thrilled to be part of this awesome promotion!

This exciting event features 91 Young Adult and Clean Romance books by new and bestselling authors. Each book in this promo is priced at 99¢ or Free. Some of the authors participating have multiple books to offer, so keep a look out for those. You may also be able to snag a couple of books in a series for a discount.

Girls Who Write: Rachel L Miller on Encouragement

My next step in this very exciting venture.


As I mention in the video below, a large part of my inspiration for this subject is the recent experience of my dear friend Naomi Miller. 

Her third book released last week to many excited fans and readers!

In celebration, our publisher put the second and third books on SALE in kindle and eBook format and her first book FREE! During that process, she received some new reviews and one of them was a bit difficult to stomach.

For myself, I don’t understand it. I LOVE Naomi’s books. Each one is a wonderful experience and reading them leaves me feeling full of warm fuzzies.

But hey… to each their own I guess…

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to remind readers that reviews (yes, even the 1-stars ones) are VERY important to authors. Every one gets our book(s) closer to best-seller status, closer to being featured by the ‘zon, closer to traveling in circles with much more well-known authors, and of course… they make it possible for our books to reach readers who would not normally find our work – which is the most important thing of all!

So, read books. Write reviews. Help an author. Help another reader!





©Rachel L Miller 2017


Girls Who Write: Meet Rachel L Miller

I am thrilled to be part of this new and very exciting venture.


And I look forward to sharing with readers. . . and authors in upcoming videos.

Please be patient with me though. I’m very new to videos and they’re far from perfect.





©Rachel L Miller 2017