When experiments go wrong…

I enjoy cooking. I enjoy experimenting with recipes. I enjoy adding my own flair but I’m not always the best at “from scratch” or ‘by scratching’ as they say on Gilmore Girls… so I do occasionally use a mix or a box or a bottle of something already made-up.

I used to enjoy, quite a bit, making the spaghetti sauce you find in a jar… better! That is, until I discovered Francesco Rinaldi.

Ironically enough, we found it at Wal-mart one day and it was the least expensive bottle on the shelf so we thought we’d give it a try…

And thus ended my tinkering.

…Because you don’t have to do anything to this sauce! I mean it is PERFECT right out of the bottle – flavorful; with just the right combination of spices! YUM!!!

My mother actually remarked when I opened the first jar (and brought it to her so she could smell the wonderful scent that greeted me when I popped that top) that she could eat it right out of the container with a spoon.

YES! It’s that good!

But on to the point of my post:

We moved to Nashville a year ago and our beloved sauce is difficult to find here in this very strange town. We travel back to Knoxville quite regularly and we always try to get to Wal-mart when we’re there to pick up a few bottles because we LOVE this sauce.

Alas, a few weeks ago, I ran out and I looked at the Wal-mart here but there were none to be found, so… I did the unthinkable. I picked up another brand that looked good.

It looked good in the bottle anyway…

It DID NOT smell as good as our precious Rinaldi – coming out of the jar… well, no sauce is perfect (OH WAIT, yes there is!)

It DID NOT look good in the pan and that should have been a huge neon sign to me but I was determined we were going to give it a fair try so I kept cooking.

It DID NOT taste good and it DID NOT sit well with us.

It has been more than a month since I have made spaghetti because that experiment soured us all on spaghetti for a good long while.

But last week we went to Knoxville – and I found some of our sauce!

And I bought 8 jars! Yes, 8 – that’s all they had on the shelf or I would have gotten more!

I made some this afternoon for Sunday dinner and YUM! Our love of spaghetti is back in the house!


If you would like anymore info about this amazing sauce, they have a WEBSITE, a FACEBOOK page and PINTEREST! And on their website, they also have RECIPES! Don’t you just LOVE it!

disclaimer: I have been in no way compensated to promote this product. I just love it!


By the way as far as I can tell – most all of their products are also Gluten Free!



~ Rachel



© Rachel L Miller 2015