Girls Who Write: Rachel L Miller on Encouragement

My next step in this very exciting venture.


As I mention in the video below, a large part of my inspiration for this subject is the recent experience of my dear friend Naomi Miller. 

Her third book released last week to many excited fans and readers!

In celebration, our publisher put the second and third books on SALE in kindle and eBook format and her first book FREE! During that process, she received some new reviews and one of them was a bit difficult to stomach.

For myself, I don’t understand it. I LOVE Naomi’s books. Each one is a wonderful experience and reading them leaves me feeling full of warm fuzzies.

But hey… to each their own I guess…

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to remind readers that reviews (yes, even the 1-stars ones) are VERY important to authors. Every one gets our book(s) closer to best-seller status, closer to being featured by the ‘zon, closer to traveling in circles with much more well-known authors, and of course… they make it possible for our books to reach readers who would not normally find our work – which is the most important thing of all!

So, read books. Write reviews. Help an author. Help another reader!





©Rachel L Miller 2017


Girls Who Write: Meet Rachel L Miller

I am thrilled to be part of this new and very exciting venture.


And I look forward to sharing with readers. . . and authors in upcoming videos.

Please be patient with me though. I’m very new to videos and they’re far from perfect.





©Rachel L Miller 2017


What Readers, Reviewers and Authors are already saying about A Mother For Leah!

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I am thrilled to have such wonderful readers, authors and professional reviewers talking about my story! Already! Can you believe it…


“I loved the storyline and the characters. The author’s writing pulled me in and made me feel like I was part of the community.”
                                             – Ann Lacy Ellison, reader, reviewer & blogger

“Rachel Miller’s love for the Amish people and culture is evident in her story, A Mother for Leah.”
                                             – Ruth Reid, Bestselling author of the Heaven on Earth novels.

“A Mother for Leah is filled with charming characters and emotional moments that will touch your heart. Highly recommended for Amish romance lovers!”
                                             – Jennifer Beckstrand, author of Return to Huckleberry Hill

“Rachel Miller creates stories of faith, hope, and love that draw in the reader—and won’t let go… I was captured from the start as I found myself weeping along with Leah.”
                                             – Naomi Miller, Author of bestselling series, Amish Sweet Shop Mysteries

“A story of love’s healing power and restoration, Author Rachel L. Miller weaves a sweet message of God’s faithfulness and provision that will pull at readers’ heartstrings.”
                                             – Rachel Muller, Author of bestselling series, Love & War

“Rachel Miller’s Amish novel, A Mother for Leah: Windy Gap Wishes Book One, is a comfortable read. It’s a simple story of faith and the never-ending cycle of life amongst the Amish… a pleasant read, a story written with compassion.”
                                             – Readers’ Favorite [4 stars]


Reading the words of exceptional authors, trusted reviewers and lauded book critics gives me such joy! It also tells me that the story is doing precisely what I hoped it would do – touch lives and fill hearts!



Watch for more news coming soon!


©Rachel L Miller 2017



Amish Fiction

Recently I posted the following comment on my Facebook author page:

I’ve noticed a trend lately among authors of Amish fiction and it’s had me worried… But I’m beginning to realize that those worries are a bit off-base.

Authors of Amish fiction are not migrating to other genres because Amish fiction is losing traction.

They’ve used Amish fiction to break into the world of published authors because it is extremely popular and now that their foot is in the door, they are moving on to the genres they are truly interested in writing.

I find this unbearably sad. This genre is a comfort to my world-weary soul and I can not imagine a more tremendous blessing than sharing it with others.

I have noticed this as a growing trend. Many of the authors whose books I LOVE have left the world of Amish fiction to explore other genres.

And initially… I panicked. I’m writing Amish fiction. What will happen if it’s popularity is on a decline?

After much thought and exploration, I realize – it is not on a decline. Keep reading…

We can take this mass exodus two ways.

1 – Coincidentally, every single on of these authors is moving on to another genre after releasing 3, 4 or 5 books because they’ve run out of steam in this genre or their interests have genuinely changed (who am I to judge…)

2 – They’ve used the Amish fiction genre (which is tremendously popular at this moment) as a stepping stone to get their name out there and their foot in the door(s) of the publishers.

And I am quite certain that, for at least a few, it is the first option. Not every author… but most of them, at some point in their career, changes genres – or at least steps into another genre and gives it a try.

But as many as there are rushing to other genres as soon as they have a hit or two… No, I smell a rat.

I’m guessing that at least 3/4 of them are simply using a popular genre as a springboard for their career.

And that is tragic.

I know what you’re thinking…

Why can’t I just shut up and enjoy? Why can’t I take advantage of what’s there and be thankful?

Because it seems more like disrespect to me than simple misuse.

And I know I am NOT alone in feeling that way. Every person who gets attached to a specific writer, becomes attached to that writer’s work to the point that they want to read every single thing they write – feels the same as I do.

And when that writer leaves us behind and moves on to a different genre, especially one that we would never ever read, we feel betrayed and heart-broken.

Don’t they realize what this does to their readers?

Don’t they realize, that they can write in that other genre and build up a whole new fan base there while still keeping their other fans happy?

If they would just release a book now and then that we can enjoy too…

To be fair, a few of them do. But not enough. And not enough of them give us a whole novel every now and then. They write a short story for a novella collection or they offer an eBook novella once every couple of years.

I guess it’s my own fault for being so adamantly attached to this new genre I’ve discovered that is always clean and decent. It’s a difficult thing to find in this modern age of media – even among “Christian” fiction, which is more often lately referred to as “Inspirational” fiction.

Just like how much it bugs me that authors who write such wonderful inspiring stories spend their time reading and watching and posting about such un-inspiring things.

But that’s a whole different argument.


© Rachel L. Miller 2014

A Writer’s Conference – I finally found one!

I have been haunting the internet for some time now…20140407-225737.jpg

trying to find a Writer’s conference that I could afford to attend.

And finally… I found one!

I attended the Monte Sano Writer’s Conference last Saturday.

And it was FANTASTIC!

The key speakers for the conference included authors Homer Hickam, Milam McGraw Propst and Harper Collins senior editor Ami McConnell.

Each and every person who spoke at the conference (even the pastor) was inspiring and informative. The panel was helpful and entertaining. The lunch was delicious and the afternoon sessions were wonderful!

And even though I didn’t hand out a single synopsis, proposal or chapter, I feel like I made some very important contacts.

Milam McGraw Propst was especially entertaining and I still can’t understand why she thinks she’s not so great at speaking in front of a group – she did such a wonderful job!

Homer Hickam is nothing like I expected – in a really good way! And his wife is a gem! It’s so refreshing to meet good people who have not let fame go to their heads! They attend a very nice church but not one that’s obviously swimming in dough. And they clearly give a LOT of their time to the church.

That really says something to me.

It was a truly wonderful conference and I await next year’s (only slightly) impatiently. I have a lot of work to do between now and then – not the least of which is lighting a fire under Mom. She has more work to do on her own novel and I’m going to get her going on it so she is ready to go to the conference with me next year!

God Bless You! And Good Night!


© Rachel L. Miller 2014