We support the Robertson Family!

If you’ve been online today, chances are you’ve seen something about the latest debacle over a Christian standing up for their beliefs.

SUPPORT ROBERTSONS 1I can’t say I’m surprised but I am saddened by this latest persecution by the media.

First let me say this.

We stand with the Robertson family! They have my complete support and admiration in this time of persecution!

Now I have to tell you, I don’t watch the show (We don’t have cable)

I have, however, caught glimpses of it in the Christian bookstore and I’ve seen Uncle Si in the new Veggie Tales “A Very Merry Larry”. I respect this family for standing together for their beliefs! And there is absolutely NOTHING I’ve seen or read or heard about the family that makes me feel as horrified or disgusted as I feel about the “writer” who penned the article that started all of this.

When did it become OK to cuss so blatantly in an interview that’s going to be printed in a magazine – a magazine that anyone can pick up and read?

And why is the “writer” so shocked by this man’s profession of his beliefs? Their faith is a big part of who the Robertson’s are. Every Christian who lives by the Bible and actually believes what it teaches should proudly stand up and say the exact same thing he said (maybe not as colorfully but essentially the same)

And I’ll say this. He’s right. It’s not logical.

However, I will give them this… It is in their DNA. Sin is in everyone’s DNA. We are ALL sinners. Some people allow lies into their hearts, some allow lust. Some allow murder and some allow thievery. Every sin is the same in God’s eyes and every sin is just as much washed clean with God’s forgiveness.

And that is all he was saying.

It is not in our power to judge the sin or the sinner. We love the person but not their sin and I think that is a much better concession than the people who “accept” someone the way they are but don’t really care about them or their souls.

God Bless the Robertsons!

© Rachel L. Miller 2013

Book Review: The Fiddler | Beverly Lewis


Yes. I am obsessed now with Amish Fiction!

The Fiddler

Yes. I am obsessed now with Amish Fiction! I have a list of to-reads a mile long.

This story is amazing. Beverly Lewis is a true storyteller! I can’t wait to read the next one and all of her others! I got started on these because of the movie made of The Shunning. I didn’t realize it was a book until I started watching updates about The Confession. Duh me I know. Oh well. I’ve skimmed through The Shunning and The Confession but this one just jumped out at me so I started with it.

This story is amazing.

If you want a great romance, an endearing journey and enjoy reading about a heartfelt relationship with God, this is a book for you! And I dare say all of Miss Lewis’ books fit the same category.

Read it. You won’t be sorry!

Get more info at Goodreads HERE!


God Bless You!


Review ©RLMiller 2013

REVIEW: A Simple Amish Christmas | Vannetta Chapman

Simple Amish ChristmasThis was an amazing read. My mother has been bugging me for so long to read just one Amish Fiction. She kept saying I would only need to read one and I would be hooked and she was so right! It only took 1!

The more I read, the more I loved the story. Amish novels have grown in popularity with lightning speed lately and some of them, though well-written, do not ring absolutely true. Amish ways are still such a mystery to us in so many ways but there are bits of some stories that you can be sure is not true to Amish life. This book is not that way. It is clear the author has done her research and done it well.
I look forward to reading her other novels and I hope there are more about this family. I’ll have to go and do my own research I guess.

I am so glad I picked this as my first Amish Fiction Novel!

You can find more info at Goodreads HERE!


God Bless You!


Review ©RLMiller 2013