I have decided…

I have experienced many things in my life that have caused me to allow bitterness to build up in myself…

My father would have preferred to have 4 boys and instead he was stuck with 3 boys and a disappointment.

My parents divorced early in my life and money was very tight due mostly to the fact that my dad also only paid his child support when he felt like it and mom did the very best she could.

Mom always wanted to send us to the best possible schools so we often lived right at the edge of the best district and could never afford fancy clothes or cars. This made my brother and I the target of many jokes and teasing.

My high school journey started out like most others but I was fortunate to fall in with a crowd of friends who might have been looked at as a bit odd but I had friends so I really didn’t care. However, halfway through, we moved and my new high school happened to be my old rivals so I was more than a little unwelcome. It certainly didn’t help that the “popular” crowd saw a big-boned girl who had developed quite a bit and saw “fat”.

I have also been divorced twice and am currently a single mother.

In my current professional life, I deal with so many little things and it was pointed out to me today that I am allowing them to take up residence in my heart as bitterness and I have determined… NO MORE!

So I don’t care if other book reviewers get away with writing a few sentences (not 200 words as required) or restate the back cover blurb in their own words.

I won’t do it! My reviews are important to me and I am not going to follow the crowd just to get books faster. I can always buy the ones that I miss out on and my honor is intact.

I don’t care if I get passed over for a street team because my follower number isn’t high enough. I could tell the authors that there is a tremendous difference between loyal followers and numbers that are bought through booster companies but they should know that. Loyal followers actually read my reviews and may truly be persuaded to buy the book. I don’t have empty numbers and I am thrilled with that. The wonderful people who follow me do it because they enjoy my posts and want to read more!



I am not going to be angered anymore by being snubbed by some of the authors whose books I review. I don’t review so that I get tweeted and pinned by the author. I review because I love to read and I hope that my words can help someone… even one person discover a new book or a new author or a new genre!

And I am going to stop worrying about whether or not my work is good enough to be published. I have had many people tell me that my writing is simply amazing and they can’t wait to see it in the bookstores.

I am going to write the best story I can, edit the finished manuscript the best I can and then the rest is up to GOD! Only HE can do with my words what HE means for them. I can’t make anyone publish my books and I wouldn’t want to if I could.

I want everything to happen in God’s time! Only then, will everything work out for good!


OK… rant over. You can go back to what you were doing now.

Good Night and GOD BLESS!


© Rachel L. Miller 2014

Mom did it!


I LOVE the Amish! I love everything about them and if I could live without my books, my music and my iPhone, I would join the order today!

It’s all mom’s fault really.

She started reading Amish novels and she finally convinced me to give them a try. Now I’m hooked and it’s all her fault.

Funny story:  Years ago, we watched the movie “Amish Grace” which is based on a true story and we loved it. It was very well made. It had just the right amount of heartwarming mixed in with tragedy.

A couple of years ago, we watched “The Shunning” and then we realized when we were waiting for it’s sequel “The Confession: that they were based on a book series by Beverly Lewis.

My mom had already been reading Amish books for a while at that point but it was just what she needed to get me hooked too because I LOVE those movies and I am anxiously awaiting the third installment!

Now that I am hooked good and proper, I am becoming obsessed with all things Amish and cannot wait to go visit Amish country! I really hope they are as wonderful as the books make them out to be.

I am excited to start this new blog and I hope you all enjoy what I have to share with you.

God Bless You!

© Rachel L. Miller 2013

Book Review: The Fiddler | Beverly Lewis


Yes. I am obsessed now with Amish Fiction!

The Fiddler

Yes. I am obsessed now with Amish Fiction! I have a list of to-reads a mile long.

This story is amazing. Beverly Lewis is a true storyteller! I can’t wait to read the next one and all of her others! I got started on these because of the movie made of The Shunning. I didn’t realize it was a book until I started watching updates about The Confession. Duh me I know. Oh well. I’ve skimmed through The Shunning and The Confession but this one just jumped out at me so I started with it.

This story is amazing.

If you want a great romance, an endearing journey and enjoy reading about a heartfelt relationship with God, this is a book for you! And I dare say all of Miss Lewis’ books fit the same category.

Read it. You won’t be sorry!

Get more info at Goodreads HERE!


God Bless You!


Review ©RLMiller 2013