The Danger of Dystopian…

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Yup… this says it all.

The Danger of Dystopian…

I noticed it when I read my first official dystopian trilogy but I chalked it up to my being a Mercy and easily swayed by others’ emotions.

I was deeply affected by it when I read another but I blamed that one on the complete distortion of Biblical truth within the story… and maybe that was part of it but it certainly does not explain how truly depressed I became after reading those three books. I’ve been disappointed too many times in my life for that to be all there was to it.

And after I read that trilogy, every book I read for a solid month was tainted. I re-read several of those books months later and each one was like reading a completely different book so I know there was more to it than I originally realized.

A few books…

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70,000 words… Easy right? Is it????

Anyone who follows my other blog might remember that I began “A Mother for Leah” back in November for NaNoWriMo. I made it through the month and I got to my 50,000 words required for the contest.

However, when I stripped it down to the essentials and took out all the nonsense that I had written when I was half asleep (LOL), it boiled down to just over 40,000. I began working on it again in earnest, in February. I wasn’t just editing, I was attempting to add more words and plot points.

This has been a much more difficult prospect than I expected and I do believe that it has taught me NaNoWriMo is not for me. Yes I can work under that insane amount of pressure and get to a word count but the words in that count are not always good words.

I applaud the tremendous number of people who are successful writing that way but I think my writing will be much better if I do not push myself to write until the wee hours of the morning on no sleep and an insane deadline hanging over my head with a subject I’m still a little iffy on.

Who am I kidding! That’s what writing is all about!

I like having time to properly research and I like having time to get a good draft going but that’s what a first draft is for. By the time I get to the insane deadline and the wee hours writing, I’ll have the research done and it will be down to tightening up the story. That I can do!

But back to the point of why NaNo is not for me…

I want to write about the Amish faith and community in an entertaining and inspirational way that is also REAL. I don’t want to sell a book based on soap-opera appeal or because it’s full of overblown intrigue. I want it to be as truthful as possible a portrayal of how that community lives, loves and worships.

And that is not what most of NaNo is about. In the world of NaNoWriMo, those of us who write Christian fiction are pretty much lone reeds in a sea of sci-fi, romance and a myriad of other genres and sub-genres that are nothing at all like Inspirational Christian fiction. And as nice as everyone was, I never felt the camaraderie that is supposed to be a large part of the experience.

It was fun…just not for me.

So I will continue to seek out good Christian writer’s groups and until I find them, I will keep doing what I’ve been doing.

I have a strong desire to present a book with a message. I want to show young girls who are sad or lonely or confused about life the true extent and strength of God’s love. I want to show them that God’s love is boundless and all-encompassing. I want to show them that God has a purpose for them, a plan for their life, a path that he wants them on.

I want to show them that it’s not about the “stuff”. It’s about the faith! I want to show them that their life has meaning and that God wants to fill them with joy and contentment and LOVE!

So I will continue with the start I have and I will go on!

I have over 55,000 words now and I’m not done yet!

GOD is leading! I am following!


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