The Danger of Dystopian…

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Yup… this says it all.

The Danger of Dystopian…

I noticed it when I read my first official dystopian trilogy but I chalked it up to my being a Mercy and easily swayed by others’ emotions.

I was deeply affected by it when I read another but I blamed that one on the complete distortion of Biblical truth within the story… and maybe that was part of it but it certainly does not explain how truly depressed I became after reading those three books. I’ve been disappointed too many times in my life for that to be all there was to it.

And after I read that trilogy, every book I read for a solid month was tainted. I re-read several of those books months later and each one was like reading a completely different book so I know there was more to it than I originally realized.

A few books…

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NaNoWriMo Day 13



This is one of the things that makes us writers. Ironic isn’t it?
Sometimes we drive our stories. Sometimes they drive us. But we know we are “really” writers when we follow where the characters lead. Because it’s really their story and we’re just telling it.

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I have just encountered something I never thought I’d see… yesterday I got to the ‘end’ of my novel, with a whopping 20,000 words (so obviously I’m not done). But it certainly read like it would be a great ending, so maybe it could be the end, which means I need to add 30,000-40,000 more words between the beginning and this great end.

My daughter and I had chatted about possible plots, etc. when we first began writing in November and when asked, she mentioned a few ideas to put in my novel. Reading through the ideas yesterday, I crossed off a couple I had already added.

I liked one idea, although I had already written about it. But I kept thinking about it, along with other ideas and after awhile, I was ready to begin writing again.

The story was going great, a possible romance in the future was…

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