Memorial Day…

Memorial Day 2015 - RLM

Many people don’t know this about me… I was in N.J.R.O.T.C. (Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) in high school.

My senior year, I really wanted to join the military but a bad knee (which probably could have been fixed easily) and my weight (remnant of my unhappy school experience) kept me out.

I will never know if that had been part of God’s plan for me or not because it’s too late now.

I don’t take just Memorial Day to “remember” our troops, or to Thank our troops for what they do every day, or to pray for our troops!

I appreciate people reminding friends and loved ones that today is not about barbecues or shopping – but in my humble opinion, it is far better for you to barbecue today… and express your thanks and appreciation to our troops EVERY DAY!


Freedom is not free! It has a price and that price is paid EVERY DAY so it follows that it should be remembered and appreciated EVERY DAY!




~ Rachel


© Rachel L Miller 2015